Years, Yeong Yang helped numerous customers design and fabricate their products, accumulating not only techniques and experience but also successful stories. During the cooperation, we grew, and we were happy to see our clients grew with us. To record and share the precious memories in the journey, we organized some remarkable cases here. They"re also a demonstration of our abilities and will.


NEW 8L computer case Design

When the computer started to popularize, the energy consumption became an inevitable issue. No government, even publics can afford such a high power-draining machine.

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YY-C421 Gaming Case

There are many chassis in the market, for any gamer picking out the right computer case is a big decision. Often time the design of the case is more important to than to choosing all the other components.

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AI and the Cloud

Stepping into 2019, the development of AI and cloud service is becoming more mature than they were few years ago.

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Storage Chassis

A client specializing in the marine, military business was looking for a durable rugged server solution that can be mounted and used under harsh environment.

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2U, 6 Node Server Systems

Recently, because the rise of the small-scale data centers, the need of the adroit computing and storage systems is growing.

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2U 8BAY Storage Server Case

Today, we're going to demonstrate a customized 2U 8 bay storage server case. Unlike the standard version, this case has 3 riser card cages on the backboard to support the full height PCI card.

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3 Nodes Dense Storage Server

In the mid of 2017, we received an inquiry from a startup company. They've earned a great success at the beginning and wanted to continue their story by creating a new server spec to explore new markets.

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Filecoin / IPFS storage mining case

As cryptocoin stimulated the need for the calculating mining case, Filecoin also gave birth to the storage mining case. Request from a mining company which ask for a customized server case for filecoin.

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Case Study List

NO. Subject Date
1 CASE STUDY - Gaming PC Project 2018-05-11
2 CASE STUDY -Introducing the NEW 8L microATX computer case 2019-12-06
3 Development of Server: the force behind AI and the Cloud 2019-08-27
4 CASE STUDY - Storage chassis 2018-05-11
5 CASE STUDY - 2U, 6 Node Server systems 2019-08-27
6 CASE STUDY -2U 8BAY storage server case with multiple riser card mount 2021-10-31
7 CASE STUDY - 3U, 76 bays, 3 Nodes Dense Storage Server 2019-08-27
8 CASE STUDY - storage mining case 2019-08-27
9 CASE STUDY -Rackmount Enclosure Solution for Battery storage power station/ Energy storage power station 2021-01-28
10 CASE STUDY - Waterproof Tablet Wallmount 2024-01-19