Versatile Stand Solution

Devoting to produce useful tablet solution, Yeong Yang has developed various type of stands from desktop, wall to floor. With different mounting methods, our tablet stands can be applied in many situations. In the hospital, they can be set in the lobby for incomers to register or search the information. The stands may also be found on the side of the bed for patients to entertain themselves or call the nurse when they need help. when combined the mounts with cart or on the desks, doctors and medics can use as the frontend of human-machine interface of the diagnosis system. In brief, our stands help increase the penetration of the tablet service.


Medical grade design

Because the environment in hospital is complex where the bacteria, virus, patients, health people are all mixed together, It is always a great concern of the antibiotic requirement to prevent the spread of contagious diseases when using in the medical area. Therefore, we introduced the medical grade surface treatment to our product. Special antibiotic coating was sprayed on the surface uniformly to provide long term protection without causing allergic syndrome. In addition, the thoughtful waterproof design prolongs the lifetime of the device and prevent the accumulation of detergent and bacteria. The contagious risk is controlled.

Qi integration

Embracing the Qi technology, the new generation of the tablet series acquire the upgraded mobility and bring the dual operation mode: static and wireless, which can satisfy the application like self-registration, self-query, promotion, interactive diagnosis, and real-time display, greatly enhancing the convenience and efficiency in healthcare area.