Professional Mechanical Design

At Yeong Yang, our team of experienced engineers are all committed to bring customers the best quality hardware mechanical design service. We help our customers to realize their design into actual product. Our design teams using the latest software and technology to create concepts that meet specific requirements, and capable of being manufactured in mass production. Our design team are disciplined in design applications and are also able to do in 3D product design.

As an enclosure professional manufacture, we are proud of our mechanical design capability, with value added experience, and tooling center at factory to provide customized tooling design, and customized development process. Not only we bring quality finished product but cost effective solutions as well. Our mechanical engineering provides design service from industrial to mechanical, and system integration, custom tooling design products for assembly overview. Fast Prototyping With state of art manufacturing facilities, Yeong Yang can help fabricating full prototype sample in the shortest time possible. We help our customer to speeds up their product development cycle and help them to market their product on time.

We provide accurate, fast mockup-sample for approval. We offer customer to fully test out the sample to confirm or makes any changes before proceeding to the mass production stage. We also help our customer benchmark their sample and allow to deliver to them in a speedy manner.

Full Customization Process

Our complete customize design service include product customization support everything from 2D and 3D drawings, front panel faceplates, custom rare panel, chassis body color, power supply support, and retail custom packaging as well, shipping packaging and labeling. We make sure everything is in perfect condition and safely arrive to the destination. Choose from an array of form factors

Our custom design services:

Indenting a logo on front panel, or to the side Any color requires for the case we can put it on by request, with specific paint job finishing Custom bezel and faceplate that fit the branding requirements Retail packing design with customer graphic art work Custom size shipping carton box, shipping mark, model information

Production Manufacturing

Yeong Yang Technology owns and operates production facilities in China and Taiwan. We carefully ensure all manufacturing process follow high ISO standard. Our manufacturing facilities include complete punching line, assembly line, molding maintenance line, injection line, painting line, CNC benching line, NCT punching line, CNC laser cutting line, molding production line, and packing line.

Yeong Yang offers the following manufacturing services:

  • Molding production and maintenance
  • CNC/NCT service
  • Assembly service
  • System integration

Quality Assurance Testing

For every OEM/ODM business, able to produce quality products means everything for any manufacture. Yeong Yang follow a strict quality assurance testing, such as compatibility test, reliability test, component test, and so on. In addition, our DQA do include continuous update on production method, raw materials regulations, quality inspection methods, failure summary report, data response. All our DQA staffs are all experienced and guarantee the customer getting the perfect condition products in the end.

Logistical Service

For custom design service, we offer complete one stop shop include shipment services where we can deliver to worldwide by sea, air or express way. Client can track their shipment and Yeong Yang offer great after sales service, making sure goods arrive safely and on time.