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As a professional Mini ITX pc casing manufacturer in PC area for years, we always create the best solution to help our customers. For who're not familiar with the market, we recommend to try our Mini ITX pc case as a start. It has a small space but can insert a powerful heart; it has a solid protection but the design remain elegant; that’s why our client like to choose our Mini ITX pc case as their first choice to fit various applications among industrial, business and home, including industrial sub-systems, office computers, and entertainment consoles.

We have several successful tool ready structures for our clients to choose.

Our pioneer C5 Series explore the limit of mini computer case: regular low profile PCI slot but remain a full height PCI slot for advanced players. Careful designed internal space can install a regular CPU cooler to stabilize the temperature and ensure the high performance. Flexible inner and outer arrangement further challenge the possibility of the mini pc case.

The C7 Series succeed the spirit of C5 Series but turn to simple and graceful, offering a straightforward and easy-choose SFF pc case solution to our customers. Slim and Tower-like installation with perfect ratio can merge with different situation, creating a harmonic but unique experience.

The C1 and the C2 chassis are created for those who seek the limit. Both the thin Mini ITX chassis have the most compact space which can only allow one 2.5" SSD and the mother board. They 're small enough so users can easily hide them in or behind any equipment like monitor, cart or machine. It is highly recommended for special application.

Based on our years' knowledge on mechanical design and fabrication, our mini computer cases are well-constructed and have the size from extemely small to moderate. Everyone can find the suitable cases here. For special request, we also provide customization service for brands seeking to build their own custom PC case. Feel free to contact us if you have any idea. We'll do our best to help you.

Mini ITX


Branding Service

For batch purchasing, we provide advanced custom PC case design service.

Our customization service covers Front panel ID Design and Modeling, Mechanical Modification, Production Optimization, Packaging Customization and Branding Service from Logo Printing or Logo Engraving to Branding Carton.

With years of experience, our service is fast and accurate. We can help you realize the ideal design works, no matter desk PC case design, gaming case design or mini ITX case design. Feel free to consult us with your any idea or concept.
We can help you find the best brand custom PC case solution!

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