Step into Industry 4.0

Yeong Yang’s competent rackmount/server product line provides the essential platform for developers to build their own, unique server and human-machine interface, paving the way to Industry 4.0.

Upgrade your factory with YYcase's professional server series

Rising need of the industrial computer

The concept of industry 4.0 was surrounded by the idea of “link”. It claimed that, besides the mature fabrication systems nowadays, the production line can be upgraded by linking the sensor system, analyzing system, data system, remote control system and auto response system to achieve a full automatic and intelligence work flow. The factory will be more effective and response faster to the clients, even automatically adjusted by the request from customers without extra efforts. The time and cost can also be efficiently controlled. In the meantime, the need for internal of companion computer rises because it’s the heart behind each peripheral systems.

Task oriented selection

The industrial chassis need to face various tasks. Some chassis are embedded, and some are exposed. Therefore, we prepared the size abundant chassis from mini ITX to micro ATX and standard ATX. We also have chassis for extended ATX for more advanced application. The complete product line can satisfy every industrial request.

Circumspect solutions

In the meanwhile, there are several regulations industrial computers need to follow to keep it safety and increase the stability. Hence, we strictly implement the EMI shielding solution on our industrial products to prevent signal interference, maintaining the expensive mask coating process to make sure the chassis are connect electrically to the ground. We are also good at thermal solutions. We don’t easily open holes on the chassis, because too many openings will weaken the cooling effect. Both electrical and cooling solution enhance the function of the chassis.

Your best choice

As the manufacturer and designer, we can adjust the industrial products directly base on our clients requests. Factors including size, material, and openings all can be customized. We also accept OEM request and joint development. We believe our profound experience and knowledge on fabrication and design can bring our customers best service.