The magic of POS

POS, coming from the abbreviation of the Point of Sale, is now an unignorable part in enterprises. It helps the manager realize and organize the complicate statics come from the everyday transaction. Also, it connects tightly the stock and the sales, the income and the outcome. Through a well designed POS software, the interaction between each factors can be understood easily. Therefore, it not inappropriate to say POS is the heart of a company.

Though there are many POS systems, basically they all do the following things:

Sales record

This is the most basic function for a POS system. After all, it is born to provide a better understanding data for business owner. It collects almost every possible items related to the sale behavior: date, income, outcome, sales number, sale items, salesman, purchasers, etc.. When integrated with additional analyzing module, the number and items can further be interpreted into charts where the business owner can see the trend and the interactions between each factors. For example, during the holiday special season, the selling status of each product can easily be discovered in the POS system, and the business owner can see the trending products and determine the priority in the future purchase plan. In the meanwhile, products which don’t have good sale can be eliminated. A more accurate stock control can be achieved. Also, the entrepreneur can see the performance of each salesman through the system. The awarding and the auditing on employees have a standard to follow. It will be more effective and efficient on company management.

Client management

Clients are always the most important key when starting a business. A company without clients never survive on the market. Hence, how to maintain the relationship of your customers and know more about them is the top issue a company owner needs to deal with. Thanks to the improvement of the POS system, now every orders of each customers are clearly record on the system. Behavior including how often a client visits, when he visits most, what he favorites most, what he often buy and buy with, etc. can be studied through the statics. With additional personal data including habits, relationship, age, birthday, career, the manager can then predict the purchasing need of customers and adjust the suitable products combination before they visit. Furthermore, it is useful when doing target advertising. The advertiser can provide their customers more precise content, basing on the information they collected from the POS.

Stock control

When the market becomes more and more competitive, stock management becomes a pain point, because excess stock results in selling pressure but insufficient stock will greatly reduce attractivity and potential of the business. How can the business owner maintain the product stock in just sufficient and not excess? The POS system is the best answer. As stated before, the POS system collects selling status with each order, so the policy maker can see the need of each products on weekly/monthly/yearly reports. They can make the stock preparing decision based on the fluctuation of current assets. When in the special season they must prepare more stock according to the selling number last year, and in the normal days they can prepare less to reduce the pressure and achieve cost control.

Extra function

Except the standard function, the POS system often is integrated with additional input and output function like the receipt printing, barcode scanning, and card reader to expand its data acquiring ability. In the meanwhile, it can direct the income or outcome data into the tax system if set correctly. Therefore, POS is a system cover almost sale, tax, management and is the best helper for a company.

The rise of mPOS

As the mobile devices became more mature and powerful, the POS systems integrated with mobile systems are rising and form an unique category- the mPOS. The mPOS inherits the feature of normal POS, but focuses more on the mobility of the hardware. In some situation, it is more useful to use mPOS system, for example, at restaurant and at warehouse, because it greatly reduces the frequency of employee’s movement between POS machine and the clients. Additionally. mPOS is normally cheaper than traditional POS system. It can be directly plant on the existing tablets or mobile phones without the need of extra facilities* and the reparation is more easily, just replace the broken devices with the new. Because of the comparative low cost and convenience, the mPOS becomes more and more popular, especially for startups and local business.

Our Advantages

Our new developing commercial tablet display solution : KP and KS series, provide the most durable and reliable protective enclosure with popular stand and mount extension to meet the various application in the POS system. The easy assembly feature saves the time when installing the system. It helps the enterprises expanding their business efficiently and aggressively in the shortest time. Best of all, its configuration is changeable. Just need to replace some parts, the lifetime of the hardware can be prolonged when the devices need to be upgraded.