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Gaming PC Project

There are many chassis in the market, for any gamer picking out the right computer case is a big decision. Often time the design of the case is more important to than to choosing all the other components. The frame is the key for user to decide what fits in the case and if setup process can be easy. One client who own their brand of PC, came to us for an inquiry, to build a cool looking gaming case that uses Mini-ITX form factor which means to build a system that can be carry around, but at the same offering the best, maximum expandability and durability while under a specific budget limitation.

Recommend Solution

The model YY-C421 happen to be one model that catches the attention of many of our client. It is a cube design small box chassis that fits a Mini-ITX form factor board, at the same time offering the flexibility for custom design panel, casing color, but most importantly it is able to fit a full-ATX power supply in a dimension of 225 x319 x 178 mm

The front panel design for YY-C421 is suppose for any client who wish to have their own design aspect, logos to be implement on the case, and offer 3D rendering preview to show our client what the end product would eventually look like before proceeding to the next step.


The USB of the front panel, complete with the latest update. In addition, the case has room for 2 full PCI slot for expansion. Especially able to fit most of the graphic card out in the market. Plus, extra space for DC fan for optimum cooling while user enjoy running their games. In the end the final product, we build a custom gaming cube case based on our YY-C421, complete with OEM pantone color, custom logo with power on glow effect, and custom design handle bar on top of the case for easy portable carriage. Yeong Yang Technology was able to deliver successful solution with satisfying result.