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A client specializing in the marine, military business was looking for a durable rugged server solution that can be mounted and used under harsh environment. The server requires to follow military grade standard shock and humidity requirements. In addition to such durable server, custom replacement design was necessary to implement a final solution. After evaluating and understanding specifically on the application usage, Yeong Yang Technology offered a solution that was able to meet all the client’s essential needs with a very compatible price.

Our Solution

The model YY-R4x5 is our 4U storage chassis product with removable hot-swap drives, design for hot-swap HDD for applications such as data storage, cloud server, monitoring, authentication database, and much more.


For this scenario, to also showcasing Yeong Yang’s tailor made product capability, we upgrade the materials of the chassis from regular steel to aluminum, and high quality stainless steel and to reinforce the HDD storage lock with vibration cushion, and design shock protection holder inside the chassis to strength vibration protection of the motherboard.

As for the temperature and humidity protection, we put an extra layer of coating paint specially design to protect the equipment’s against temperature rising. After completion of product, was put into detail testing procedures which designed to test the finished equipment performance under different conditions including temperature, impact, vibration, humidity variations, and as part of the basic testing for any rugged equipment.

The initial prototypes were quickly delivered to the customer as the standard YY-R4x5 met most of the customer’s requirements. The customer then performed several trials to validate the design and functionality. Mass production of additional deployments units has been successfully running.