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For decades, Yeong Yang focused on designing and fabricating the most compact and useful mini tower PC case for our clients. The mini tower case 3A/3M/39/ Series was our first step, and it reveal our thoughts about the computer chassis as a mini tower PC case manufacturer.

We kept the most features a normal ATX mini tower system have: complete expansion solution, user-friendly interface design, standard configuration, but added some experimental elements to invigorate the monotonous chassis, various combination and position of USB expansion, heterogeneous front panel design, and flexible storage cage, for example.

The mini ATX case creates the room and the flexibility for the system builders. They can easily configure the system from basic to pro, constructing a product line that can serve various customer and application. These special characteristics made this series suitable for business or office environment. Furthermore, it is also suitable mini gaming or server and audio system applications. It is a must have product for every system provider.

As a successful PC case manufacturer, we also provide customization service for brands seeking to build their own custom PC case. Feel free to contact us if you have any idea. We'll do our best to help you.

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