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As a manufacturer and designer of the tablet stand products, we always prepare practice solutions for our customers. To extend the application range of the tablet stands, we brought the KP series to the desktop and gave them a moveable solid steel base. They then become a successful products with security, durability and are capable to serve well in all retail, hospitality and business environment.

The stand comes with mechanism for 30 or 60 degree viewing angle while having capability to rotate between landscape or portrait orientation. The multi-angle purpose can be satisfied by choosing optional swivel or tilt kits. With proper weight balancing, the desktop stand set shows the great stability when tapping and sliding the pad. if you want your display unit to be more unique, then choose our stylish stand! It sparkles your customer's eye.

Besides the ready solutions we provided, we also provide customization service. If you have new concept wish to realize, you can also send the request to us to evaluate. We're happy to accept challenges.

Desktop Stand with Base