Unleash your Gaming spirit

Yeong Yang’s specialized gaming case series aims to offer optimized capacity and cooling effect for players pursuing extreme experience. Full size motherboards and video cards capacity revamp the imagination of the virtual world.


Optimized capacity – expanding the possibility

The core driving the gaming system is the powerful CPU and GPU. However, to maintain high and stable performance output, both CPU and GPU need strong cooling systems which will account lots of space. Thankfully, our gaming chassis reserve a great area for this. It supports full length graphic card and full size mother board. For high-end players who need advanced water cooling system, it can also support up to 360mm cooling radiator. Not to mention the basic fans. Best of all, the thoughtful layout reduces the conflict between the cooling system and storage components, keeping the system integrity.

Excellent cooling strategy

Besides the help of the cooling components, the chassis itself also need good ventilation ability. High and shallow chimney-like shape enhances the stack effect: the heat dissipates from the top and the cool air refills from the bottom, driving the airflow and keeping the interior temperature stable. Additionally, Well-planned partitioning effectively separates the heat source like hard drive and power supply, preventing potential overheat problems. It concentrates the stack effect.

Clean view arrangement

One problem most computer builders may face was the annoying wires. Wires from power supply, from hard drive, from power switch control panel, from optical drive, mess up the whole internal space, stuff the air flow and also increase the difficulty when assembling. To improve the experience, we reroute the wire path, hiding it from the front. It greatly reduce the assembly difficulty, brings a more clear view, and increase the joy when building the computer.

Stylish visual enjoyment

Tempered glass and 12cm turbo RGB fans turn the normal PC chassis into a different level experience. The full transparent glass side panel reveals the interior layout of the PC publicly, allow the builders to show themselves. Multiple installation sites for programmable colorful RGB fans provide flexible cooling configuration and personalized decoration. We also offer additional light bar for players pursuing extreme night effect. Start making your PC the glowing star in the room!

Fresh and clean air

What is the most headache for gamers? It’s the hard-to-remove dust everywhere in the chassis after years which suffocates their cooling system and shade their colorful VGA card, M/B, and fans, causing unpredictable problems. Fortunately, YY’s gaming chassis offer a complete reusable anti-dust filter pad to solve dust problem. The top and the bottom removable dust filters can block the unwelcome dust effectively. No more dust worries!