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In most application, single fan configuration is not powerful enough because the cooling effect will be limited by the fan size and the fan's ability. Worst of all, when facing the system level cooling, the range of the single fan is too restricted to take care of all the components. Therefore, a multiple fan cooling system is common, and it is the topic every PC player have to know.

The basic idea behind the multiple fan system

To effectively dissipate the heat from we system, we must find the suitable fan with correct CFM value. This guide will explain how to calculate the needed CFM for your system. The basic idea behind the CFM calculation is the total heat expelled by the fan will equal to the sum of the power of your system. Therefore, we can write the equation as below...

How to calculate the required CFM ...

When it comes to the fan, most people only consider the size and the dazzling light come with the fan when they buy it. But do you know the secret of the fan? If you can take some time to read the spec carefully and figure out the cooling ability of the fan, you can save time dealing with the overheating and noise issues and increase the stability of your system. In this guide, we'll go through the important spec of the fan. Hope it will help you when you plan your cooling system.

What fan should I choose?

What will you consider when you start planning to build a new computer? I believe most people will answer CPU, GPU, SSD, M.2 SSD, or cooling. Power supply never be the first answer, but it is one of the most important parts which affect the system stability. In this article, we’ll guide you to go through the points you should notice when you buy a power supply.

What Power Supply Do I Need?

With PC parts diversified, many people who are not satisfied by the suit machine now consider building their own PC. To help avoid those common problems when assembling the system, we list the specs you should check before selecting the case. Hope this guide can diminish the failure when building your favorite machine.

How to Choose a suitable Computer Case