Free the wire.

Our wireless integrated devices bring a whole new possibility to the commercial display applications. It frees the screen, enhances the mobility and makes it not just a display device but a interactive, portable extension of the entire system.


More than wire-free

The wireless charging brings not only the benefit of removing the annoying cables, but also better solution for the following application:


Without the charging port, it is easier to design suitable devices for the above application. In the meanwhile, the contactless charging can greatly reduces the weariness of charging jack, elongating the life of electronic devices.

Universal charging experience

Compared to the various cable charging connectors(micro USB, Type C, lightening, etc.), the mainstream wireless charging has only one type: the inductive type. the charging method contains two inductive coils: one is the receiver, and the other one is transmitter. The tolerance of the compatibility between the coils is wide and not specific if the devices follow the regulation of WPC(in normal situation.) it means you can charge different device on the same charging pad.

Potential of multiple charging

Best of all, you can charge your wireless devices on one charging pad at the same time! As the AirPower shown by apple, by appropriate circuit and coil layout design all the devices can be charged with only one charging pad. This new concept also remove the positioning restriction. It’ll be more freely to enjoy the benefit brought with wireless charging.

Better security

Another reason to choose wireless charging is the information security concern. Many people ignore the risk of cable charging which may be the hidden pathway transmitting harmful, malicious code, spyware, or trojan into your cell phone. Your private photos and data may be leaked when charging with unknown charging plugs or equipment. Since wireless charging is charging through coil and the only usage is to juicing devices or equipment, it is more simple and safe than cable charging. The contactless way and no port design eliminate the chance to allow hackers, strangers invade and peeking your phone.