Emergence of unmanned service

In the early 2018, Amazon announced the first launch of Amazon Go in Seattle. It sets a standard of the unmanned store and also ignites unlimited imagination of the future retail: fully automatic management, no cashier, no cash register, even the self-service counter, just take and go. Many retailers see it as a holy grail which can effectively reduce the running cost, all investing into related fields and stepping onto the battleground. Many experimental unmanned stores boom after Amazon released the idea in 2016.


The role of KIOSK

The rise of the unmanned store is actually the result of the maturity of several technology, including recognition technology, KIOSK service, remote monitoring, big data, mobile pay and cloud system. Amid these technology, the KIOSK plays an important role on offering communication and feedback service. It helps guide the clients when they can’t find what they want; it can play promotion advertisement to notify customers specials; it can work as self-service counter; it can also serve as a customer service platform for clients to ask for technical support; in summary, the KIOSK is the unreplaceable human-machine interface in the entire unmanned service.

The application of KIOSK

The KIOSK system can not only be seen in the unmanned store. Actually, it has been widely used in many places: on streets, in hospitals, in restaurants, in gas station, in the hotel, in the parking spot, in the shopping mall, even in the toilet, because It can easily be integrated with various functions like rent system, reservation system, diagnosis system, map system, and feedback system. All you need is a well-designed software with friendly user interface and a set of robust hardware equipped with display function. A KIOSK system is established.

Our advantages

Yeong Yong has stepped into mobile KIOSK industry since 2014. Succeeding from our mature fabrication and design technique, we created the beautiful KP/KS KIOSK series and their functional solutions including elongated stand, pole grasp, and steady wall mount. The versatile supports allow the KP/KS series to provide multiple and interactive ways to display information for passengers, travelers, customers, or even patients, and can be easily installed for anyone anytime anywhere. The robust structure ensures the lifetime and user experience while also reducing the risk of losing the tablet by well-designed antitheft mechanism. Best of all, it can fit most tablets under 10.5” by just adding few parts in comparably low cost, which distinguish it from other similar hardware.

What can we do

Because of the broad application, the form of KIOSK changes with the place and the task. Hopefully, as the manufacturer and designer, we can adjust the KIOSK products directly base on our clients requests. Factors including size, material, and openings all can be customized. We also accept OEM request and joint development. We are devoted to provides the best all-in-one service support for our customers.