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Yeong Yang supplies a complete storage kits solution. The standard 7503 and 7507 series offer different orientations and configurations for our customers and are made by the different fabrication processes. The metal 7503-2348 HDD backplane module is designed to house up 4 x 3.5" SATA or SAS Hard Drives in 3x5.25" drive bay. Tray-less and screw-less rear-mounted design make HDD installation easier and robust. The key lock design can avoid accident removal. Its derivate 7503-2358 can support up to 5 bays in another orientation.

The 7507 series offers a different configuration which supports up to 5 bays. The aluminum body and front panel design not only raise the appearance quality but also reduce the weight significantly. Benefit from the tray design, the 7507-1356 HDD cage can support both 3.5" HDD and 2.5" HDD, and offer a more reliable experience. The 7507-2357 cage, on the other hand, dispose of the tray, aiming to provide a more convenient and faster HDD switch experience.

Storage Kit


Branding Service

For batch purchasing, we provide advanced custom PC case design service.

Our customization service covers Front panel ID Design and Modeling, Mechanical Modification, Production Optimization, Packaging Customization and Branding Service from Logo Printing or Logo Engraving to Branding Carton.

With years of experience, our service is fast and accurate. We can help you realize the ideal design works, no matter desk PC case design, gaming case design or mini ITX case design. Feel free to consult us with your any idea or concept.
We can help you find the best brand custom PC case solution!

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