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Our small form factor pc case series was created to solve the dilemma between performance and installation space. The distinct dual mount design brings new possibility, making our SFF case suitable for abundant application field, especially in home and in office.

The versatile 73 small mATX case Series, compatible with Micro ATX platform, has only folder-size volume but can enclose the standard hardware setup with a set of efficient cooling system which helps control the temperature. With the additional silence fan, the user experience can be further upgraded. Therefore, the working state can be fast and quiet.

The A2 SFF micro atx case Series retrieve the full height PCI Slot back to gain the availability of compatible hardware by increasing a little capacity, reducing the assembly difficulty when building the system. In addition, the cooling effect is further improved to enhanced the performance. Therefore, we highly recommend this series to whom explore the extreme.

Recently, with the evolution of the computer components, people are starting thinking about what will the most compact micro atx case like. To explore the answer, we created the 8L SFF mATX case, the 77series. In the limited 8L space, it keeps most features a micro ATX case would have. The path for the cooling air is also well-designed. It is a perfect slim pc case for office pc or business pc.

The SFF pc case series is versatile and maintains the reasonable hardware compatibility. It can suitable for most modern application and requirement. It is a must considering product line.

SFF Slim Desktop