Better solution for you

In today's business, many OEMs, there's no turning back from outsourcing Decisions, eventually the assets no longer on hand and the core competencies are no longer there. While business success is mainly driven by various factors; however, the manufacturing strategy is a key for any successful business. A good OEM or outsourcing supplier should have not only the ability to improve cost effectiveness, but should be able to have good flexibility, reduced production time, accelerating time to market while maintained high quality and reliability.

Yeong Yang Technology offer years of experience and innovative engineering services. Yeong Yang provide our client with the best quality, unique, custom designs for applications.

Yeong Yang OEM/ODM Competitive Advantages

  • We are the mechanical solution provider. Problems we help brands or integrators solve including concept realization, structural issues, production issues, and certification issues.
  • We can shorten the time of development. We have the adroit skill from design to production for all application from consumer to industrial.
  • Over 30 years’ experiences in molding, CNC/NCT manufacturing, plastic injection, die-casting for cost effective solution in mass production.
  • Complete ISO certified manufacturing facilities with latest technology equipment.
  • Fast response time from staff members, with experienced engineering background.
  • Detail to ID design, mechanical design, qualified engineering drawings in 2D&3D
  • Quality checking assurance approach for every single product.
  • In-house logistical service provides to ensure fast delivery and time to market.

We care for you

We always know that help our clients earn the greatest profit is the key to maintain the relationships. Therefore, we think thoroughly before our clients from design to fabrication, from cost to profit, only to keep the competence for our clients. We strictly follow the policy and complete the mission our clients request. We will not leak the detail to the competitors, or copy the design to our products. Responsibly management and control from design to fabrication won the heart and the trust of our clients. Our occasional greet in every season further consolidate the relationships, because for us we are not only business partners, but also friends.

Yeong Yang provide the professional OEM/JDM service