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To answer to the surging demand from the energy storage system, Yeong Yang involve in the OEM/ODM business come from energy system manufactures and battery companies. Our decent design experience and fabrication techniques are our most advantageous abilities to help clients find their optimized design and to provide the most competing products in a short time.

Surging need of Energy storage case

The surging need of energy storage case oriented from the changing energy policy.

To confront the climate change, in 2016, the Paris Agreement was signed. It later became the blueprint of the energy industry. After the agreement, many countries have risen the priority of the carbon reduction policy and increased the energy share of the renewable energy.

In the renewable energy plan, the energy storage system plays a key role. It can maximize the energy utilization of the green energy and stabilize the whole power system by eliminating the peak when renewable energy harvesters run in full load and filling the valley when the renewable energy source is low.

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Key of the energy storage system

Battery is the keystone in the energy power systems. With the battery technology turning mature, it has been widely applied in the mobile devices and vehicle for a long time. It is stable, cheap, and easy to transport. It exactly meets the main characteristic of the power storage system. Therefore, it is intuitive to use batteries rather than developing a big super capacity to build the energy storage station.

Whereas, the battery is fragile. It is easily become malfunction without proper protection. In addition, the capacity of a battery is limited. A huge amount of batteries will be needed to build an energy storage station. How to manage the huge amount batteries and keep them safe is an important task.

The easiest way of managing the batteries is to divide them into clusters, just like the nowadays server structure. Through this way, the managers can monitor the system by group and replace or shut down the abnormal group when accident happens. This design also bases on the safety concern. Each group can be isolated, so one accident will not affect to other group and cause massive loss.

Our Service

Thus, a multilayer structure is proposed. It adopts the idea from the server and form the energy storage from batteries, battery modules, battery racks and energy storage containers. The case’s job is to provide the basic protection for the batteries.

With our years’ experience in design and manufacturing, we provide the best service for clients who want to enter this bourgeoning market. We can help clients design the case and related devices according to the battery they use. Furthermore, we can help our client fabricate the product. We contribute ourselves to the battle against the climate change because earth is our home. There’s only one earth.