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As a computer case provider, it is not surprised we also prepare the server cases solution for our clients. Our first try is the tower server chassis or the pedestal server chassis. The tower server case is an easy-setup freestanding case. In this series, we planned two models: the R445 server chassis and the R455 server tower case, each has flexible configuration for different application. It is functional pc server case and easy to use.

The R445/R455 tower server chassis is designed for a high capacity system use, and can be integrated with our storage kit and cooling kit. It turns the limited space into a highly functional area in work place, office, or even home. Suitable for small business or startup companies, the tower server chassis can be configured as entry server or high-end pc with the storage expansion. Big capacity ensures the hardware flexibility and cooling. Abundant security options provide the best protection of the system.

Furthermore, the thermal flow is great. With the excellent design, the overheat risk is greatly reduced. The lifetime of the internal component can be prolonged. Never worry about the unexpected shutting down problem caused by overheat.

Tower Server Chassis