2U 8Bay storage case

2U 8Bay storage case

As a professional computer case provider, we frequently face numerous challenges from our clients.

Enhanced Fan Cage
Riser Card Cage
Enhanced Fan Cage & Riser Card Cage

Today, we're going to demonstrate a customized 2U 8 bay storage server case. Unlike the standard version, this case has 3 riser card cages on the backboard to support the full height PCI card. The length of the case was also increased from the standard 660mm to near 900mm to contain the customized ATX motherboard. To deal with the hot air created by the graphic card, the fan system was changed from the original three 8cm fans array to four 8cm fans array. The PSU slot was also redesigned into two horizontal placed CRPS cages to fit client's request. This change brings a new benefit that an additional riser card cage can be placed on the top of the power supply to enhance the space utilization.

Rear Layout
Double CRPS Cage

Rear Layout & Double CRPS Cage

These modifications change the standard 2U storage chassis into a powerful, multifunctional computing beast. Now it can contain two full height PCI card and one set of half height PCI card by task. The elongated chassis is compatible with the extended ATX board which normally designed for double or triple CPUs. With the help of the enhanced cooling system, this machine can sustain the heavy load when facing the multiple cloud computing task. To prevent the power failure issue, it also buys the safe with the 2 CRPS power supply so the technician can replace the bad unit without shutting the machine down. The original 8 HDD trays were kept for data backup and storage. Overall, it is a perfect 2U cloud computing server case.

Our Strength

With our quick response and the acquaintance of production skills, we quickly finished the design and production in only about a month. Our client satisfied with our work because we didn't sacrifice the quality even it was in urgency. Our team proved our ability and the skill again. This is just one of the successful stories we accomplished. If you want to know more about our works, please add our page to your favorite. See you next time!