After years’ development and research, here we proudly announce our all-new slim desktop computer case - the 77xx Series. The 77xx series is a unique product satisfying people’s imagination of powerful small form factor case. Within only 8L volume, the case can allow the full size Micro ATX or Mini ITX mother board to fit in. This means it can have the standard 4 low profile PCI or PCIE slots and maximum 4 memory slots, which allow users to install powerful components like gaming graphic card or PCIE NVME SSD and highspeed RAMs. The compatibility of the TFX power supply not only distinguish us among other competitors but also provide the perfect support to the high-performance system. We also provide the popular options, such as cooling fan, SD card reader, and upgradable FPIO ports (can upgrade to USB 3.0 or Type C). Best of all, it provides convenient toolless function for the compatible storage devices- slim ODD, 3.5” HDD and 2.5” HDD or SSD. Our SI partners will be amazed by the supports of the popular extension they’re longing for. Everyone can realize their dream on this chassis easily, seamlessly. It’s definitely the ultimate dream case.