Yeong Yang Technology, a PC case designer and manufacturer with 30 years of manufacturing experience has been providing hardware solutions for different vertical market has been selected as the main hardware manufacture for a custom design global kiosk project. Yeong Yang Technology full resource manufacture scope from metal die casting, to plastic injection will provide customer the benefit of cost saving in terms of mass production and tooling process.

Target to ship over 10,000 units, this custom design kiosk hardware shall be used as for health and wellness application includes a variety of electronic resources including data cloud storage, trigger sensor, self-operating system and more.

The new kiosk project present new both mechanical and electronic challenges, as well as the craftsmanship and the complex design that will mark the company to its next spotlight. It is also expected to contribute percentages of overall company revenue.

Yeong Yang is now committed to ensuring the highest quality in manufacturing design, with the establish partnership with third party vendor, shows an effort to provide to the customers with the most efficient and highest quality resources to support running this project. From the initial design stage and to the production stage, Yeong Yang takes part in every procedure aim to deliver the most satisfied solution in the end.