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Yeong Yang Technology forges partnership with Smartpower Technology Global Company
Yeong Yang Technology as a professional enclosure designer and maker, has form an extended strategic partnership with wireless charging provider, Smartpower Technology Global Company. Smartpower Technology Global Company has been in the wireless charging scene for years, and with the expertise provided by Smartpower Technology, Yeong Yang will make better design solution for our customers.

Wireless charging has officially entered the mainstream. The Wireless Power Consortium’s inductive Qi standard is the current standard to be familiar with, as it powers a range of smartphones, accessories and products. Yeong Yang has been working with Smartpower in an effort of research and development to come up with the next generation of tablet enclosure product with wireless charging option.

Through this unique combination, Yeong Yang Technology announced for the new YY-KP01Q iPad Enclosure with Qi Quick Charging Dock. It is designed to be a Qi tablet mounting solution, where user can secure the tablet as a deployment for commercial purpose while keeping the tablet unit charged with Qi Quick Charging. The new YY-KP01Q presents an exciting opportunity in business including restaurants, where tablet to be use as order system and connecting to other IoT devices in kitchen operations. Another is design for hoteling and business travel where customers can use wireless charging pad to display local network information, such application has becoming a standard at many airports and business hotels.

The market for wireless charging will continue to form the base for consumer electronic devices, and also ideal for lower power devices that can be used for home. Yeong Yang Technology will continue to leverage the latest technologies that will change our interaction with devices, to come up with more friendly, easy to use products.

For further information on the wireless charging solution for your tablet, please contact Yeong Yang Technology representative.