New track mount stands- the S1 and G1 tablet floor stand and tablet desk stand


This year, we bring a new family to our iPad desk stand and the iPad floor stand. We proudly announce the whole new track mount series- the S1 and G1 track mount.


This particular series aims to solve the problem in specific tablet applications when the fixed type stands do not meet the requirements. In some cases, users need a more flexible solution for communication and examination. For example, in the facial medical application, tablets function as primary examination device. Doctors can make an initial skin diagnosis through specially designed tablet cameras for data collection. However, every patient's height is different. Under the circumstances, it is inappropriate to apply a single, fixed tablet stand for examination. Therefore, we developed the track mount series as an adjustable stand solution for our clients.


This series has two versions – the floor-stand mount, and the desk-stand mount. S1 series is the floor stand version that constitutes a set of auto-stop guides and standard die casting pillar. To enhance the adaptability, it supports universal VESA, which can adapt to VESA compatible devices, such as small monitors. Since the structure is simple, users can assemble it quickly in a short time.


Another version is the G series desktop track mount, a unique mount compatible with our KP and KS tablet desk stand. The further slide-way design allows the stand to move smoothly along the guide rail on flat surfaces. Applying to the restaurant environment, it can transform into a hanging mPOS system and operate as a simplified KIOSK or information center. Restaurant staff can complete their job efficiently by reading the incoming orders on the screen. With the help of this track mount series, works can be effortless and efficient.


Above all, the floor-stand mount and the desk-stand mount are both compatible with standard aluminum die casting trench, which is commonly used in office system desks. The maintenance is simple since you can easily find the replacement parts in the hardware stores. It helps in saving time and cost.


Last but not least, the track mount stand is light and mobile; users can comfortably deploy it in any area for any circumstances. All you need is the power source and great Wi-Fi connections. With easy maintenance design, high durability, and robust construction, users can enjoy the convenience of these series without any worry.