Are you searching for a panacea that supports various tablets with different sizes? Here's the solution: KU series universal tablet stand.

YY-KU iPad Universal Stand

KU series is a universal tablet stand designed to be both stylish and practical. Unlike other frame-only universal stands, this stable plastic holder provides robust and comfortable experiences. Also, it is simple to use. By pulling the holder apart, it attaches to the tablet and holds steadily. The tablet holder supports maximum tablet size up to 10.5 inches, which is accessible for various applications.

Corresponding to different environments, the universal tablet holder is compatible with our tablet stand and mount (KP series). Multiple formations widely increase its usability. By integrating KU tablet holder with our floor or desktop stand, it can turn into a universal floor stand, universal desk stand, and even a universal wall mount. Users can quickly deploy their system anywhere for any application. For instance, the combination of KU universal holder with our KP-T312 iPad desktop stand becomes a universal flip stand. Applying to commercial use, clerks can easily interact with the customers by flipping the tablet over, attaining effective communication.

The combinate universal tablet stand can also swivel for 90 degrees as a landscape or portrait perspective. Users can turn the tablet in a proper direction according to the content they’re viewing. It brings a comfortable and friendly experience for the users when using the tablet. No more restrictions when viewing videos!

Regarding the security, this stand has antitheft features cleverly hidden behind the holder. There is one Kensington lock hole for sealing the stand and a cam lock for the holder. With these helpful features, expensive tablets are secured in the holder and restricted in a specific area. Businesses can feel at ease about deploying and displaying their tablets in public areas.

As it is easy to understand and use, the installation is quick and straightforward. The well-designed safety mechanism reduces the risk of stealing efficiently. KU universal stand is undoubtedly the top choice for general use, entry-level POS, or KIOSK system.

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