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Tablet Track Mount - G2


The G series guide rail mount can also be set as a hanging mPOS system. It is especially suitable in the kitchen. The hanging tablet can work as a simplified KIOSK or information center. The kitchen workers can easily read from the monitor to schedule the sequence for each dish and make their job more efficient. Best of all, the hanging mPOS system offers a light and simple experience. Compared to the traditional monitor system which may need to connect the signal from a server and also the power wire, the mPOS system need only the connection of the power. Installation is easy and fast.



  • Auto-stop function. Move wherever as you wish.
  • Unlimited moving distance: can be as long as the assigned length of the guide rail.
  • Designed with standard part. Robust and easy maintained.
  • Quick installation and extension. Can be easy customized.
  • Compatible with KP, KS, KM and KW series.
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