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Tablet Track Mount Stand - S1


In some specific applications, the fixed type stand no longer satisfied the real situation. They need a more flexible solution toward the customers, the environment, or the stage. Therefore, we created the versatile S1 guide lift stand, aiming to provide an easy manipulating solution to our clients.

The S1 stand is made of a set of auto-stop guides and standard die casting parts. It has a common VESA support, which can be adapt with and devices compatible with the mount, such as small monitors. It can also be easily assembled in a short time. You can also disassemble the stand and connect it to any other standard die casting frames.

Best of all, the maintenance is easy. You can find the replacement parts in the hardware stores. It saves you time and the cost.


KIOSK, Live streaming, Selfie machine, Film industry, Security



  • Auto-stop function. Move wherever as you wish.
  • Long lift distance: 70cm, from 120 cm to 190 cm.
  • Versatile VESA mount design, can adapt to any device supporting VESA mount.
  • Designed with the standard parts. Robust and easily maintained.
  • Quick installation and extension. Can be easily customized.
  • Compatible with KP, KS, KM, and KW series.
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