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Tablet Track Mount - G1


To extend the using experience of the slide rail, we transplant the idea onto the desktop and create the G series slide mount. This special mount give our KP and KS tablet stand the new ability to move smoothly along the guide rail. Our client can enjoy the mobility brought by this new mount and install our tablet stand on the site where users may feel restricted when using the fixed stand. Suitable area include but not restrict to the restaurant counter, restaurant seat, hotel concierge, kitchen, or mass transport. The high durability and robust design is suitable for any kind of tasks. 


Conference Room. mPOS, Live streaming, Film industry



  • Auto-stop function. Move wherever as you wish.
  • Unlimited moving distance: can be as long as the assigned length of the guide rail.
  • Designed with standard part. Robust and easy maintained.
  • Quick installation and extension. Can be easy customized.
  • Compatible with KP, KS, KM and KW series.
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