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iPad floor stand aims to provide the most steady and durable support for the tablet. The fixed holder solution is born for customers who focus on accessible reading experiences. It provides a comfortable 50-degree view angle, the best view angle to use when standing. The standard height of the tablet floor stand is 110 cm. We can customize the height if the standard height is not appropriate.

This iPad floor stand is divided into two models by the different base. The first one is the YY-KP-F532, which uses the beautiful moon base. Another one is the YY-KP-F534, which accompanies with the 400mm diameter circle base. Both of them have a key lock and can adopt with wheels and headphone hanger, which significantly enhances the ability for various applications and environments.

In short, it is an elegant and smooth floor stand. Also, it is the best tablet floor stand choice for commercial applications in indoor areas

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    KP01-F532 / F534 iPad Floor Stand with fixed viewing angle


    YY-KP01-F532 / F534 is the iPad floor stand with a fundamental fixed angle tablet holder. The stand aims to provide secure support, which is primarily for customers that focus on robust experiences. Due to the straightforward design, this floor stand is as durable as it is attractive. The carefully set 50-degree view angle is suitable for various situations, creating comfortable viewing experiences. With the help of the heavyweight base, this stand is capable of resisting torque generation, so it won't easily collapse. Overall, it provides excellent performance and long-lasting service life, which is a perfect choice for an entry iPad KIOSK stand.

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    • Support iPad 2 / 3rd / 4 th and iPad Air
    • Camera open/Home closed (pin access)
    • Fix viewing angle
    • Viewing angle 50° / Tube Height 110cm
    • Moon Stylish Stand 532 , Weight added Base 415x320mm T 3mm 2.1 Kg
    • Floor Stand 534 , Weight added Base 400x400mm T 5mm 5.0 Kg


    Dimension / Weight :

    • Enclosure 312 x 232 x 30mm/750g
    • Tube 53 (110cm/1.5kg)
    • Hinge/Mount : Φ95xH33mm @150g ( A / P / T / S )
    • Moon Stylish Stand - 532: 415 x 320 x t 3mm weight : 2.1kg
    • Option: Floor Stand Base 534:Φ400mm x t 5mm weight : 5.0kg


    Weight added Base:

    Moon Stylish Stand - 532
    Suitable for floor stand
    415x320mm t3mm 2.1Kg

    Floor Stand - 534
    Suitable for floor stand
    400x400mm t5mm 5Kg

    Face plate options:

    YKP01 - Front home blocked
    Home button could be blocked optional

    YKP02 - Front-exposed
    Optimum screen opening to support most of 9.7” Tablet; Home button exposed; Camera exposed

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    KP01-F532 / F534 iPad Floor Stand with fixed viewing angle
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