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Full Tower/ Rackmount Workstation Computer Case

The WA01 is a new versatile and powerful workstation computer case. It can be configured as a rackmount case or a tower server case, depending on the user's requirements and preferences.

It features an isolated PSU space, a radiator area, and a capacity for four long graphic cards. It also provides a removable top cover for slide rail installation and an adaptor bracket for redundant power supply. An optional rear fan addon is ready for enhanced cooling ability. The WA01 is compatible with server grade motherboards and watercooling systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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    The WA01 is a new versatile and powerful workstation computer case. It can be configured as a rackmount case or a tower server case, depending on the user's requirements and preferences.

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    Model YY-WA01
    Case Type Full Tower/ Rackmount
    Dimension (mm) 435(H) x 175(W) 500(D)
    Side Panel Steel
    Color Black
    Material SGCC 1.2mm
    Drive Bays 2 x 3.5" + 1 x 2.5" +2 x 2.5"(optional)
    Expansion slots 8 Slots
    Motherboard SSI EEB / SSI CEB / ATX / micro ATX
    Fan Support Front : 90mm x 1
    Mid : 120mm x 2
    Rear : 90mm x 1 / 80mm x 4(optional addon)
    Radiator Support Mid : 240mm x 1
    Clearance CPU Height : 135mm/145mm(without card holder)
    VGA Length : 300mm
    (compatible with 4070 or Professional Graphics Cards)
    ( PSU Length : 180mm
    PSU ATX/Redundant
    Packing MOQ 100 pcs, Carton size: 68*57*29 cm
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  • Enhanced water cooling compatibility with preserved radiator.
  • Supports up to 4 long graphic cards.
  • Can be used as rackmount or tower.
  • Isolated PSU space for better cooling effect.
  • Optional rear fan addon to enhance cooling ability.
  • Supports EEB or EATX server grade motherboard.
  • Detachable top cover for slide rail installation.
  • Integrated handle on the front panel.
  • Adaptor bracket for redundant power supply.

Branding Service

For batch purchasing, we provide advanced custom server case design service.

Our customization service covers Front panel ID Design and Modeling, Mechanical Modification, Production Optimization, Packaging Customization and Branding Service from Logo Printing or Logo Engraving to Branding Carton.

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Special Design

All New 7GA Series

Water Cooling compatible

Water Cooling has been a standard for professional workstation system. The preserved area for radiator allows for easy installation and maintenance of water cooling systems. Radiators up to 240mm is supported in the WA01 case.

All New 7GA Series

Optimized Cooling Design

The isolated power supply area separates the PSU from the rest of the components. This helps to reduce the heat and noise generated by the PSU, and to improve the airflow and ventilation inside the case. The WA01 is designed to keep your workstation cool and quiet.

All New 7GA Series

Powerful Cooling Kits

The optional rear fan addon adds 80mm fans x 4 to the back of the case. It enhances the cooling ability of the WA01 by increasing the exhaust of hot air and creating a positive pressure inside the case. The WA01 is designed to optimize the cooling efficiency of your workstation.

All New 7GA Series

Flexible Configuration

The WA01 comes with a changeable power supply bracket, which allows you to use different types of power supplies for your workstation. The WA01 can support both standard ATX power supplies and redundant power supplies, depending on your needs and preferences. The changeable power supply bracket can be easily installed and removed with screws. The WA01 is designed to give you more flexibility and compatibility on the hardware configuration.

All New WA01 Series

Hidden Tricks

To achieve dual orientation use, the WA01 has a detachable top cover, which can be removed when you want to use the case as a rackmount case. There’re series mounting holes for slide rail installation hidden by the detachable top cover, which makes it easy to mount the case on a rack and slide it in and out. The WA01 is designed to make your rackmount installation simple and convenient.

All New WA01 Series
  1. Isolated PSU space
  2. 3.5" Drive mounting site
  3. Intrusion switch
  4. 120mm fan x 2
  5. Preserved Radiator Space
  6. 90mm fan x 1
  7. Preserved 2.5" Drive mounting site
  8. Optional Redundant bracket
  9. POGO connector for fan addon