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YY-KP01-P31S is a robust and outstanding iPad pole mount.

It is a sleek and modern design, offering refined aesthetics as well as accessible and engaging interfaces. Entire hidden cable routing and predrilled holes for installation provide neat management for commercial applications. With the help of a specialized hinge, it supports swivel and pivot movements, creating uncompromising user experiences for different contents. Besides, the base also supports 330-degree rotation to adjust quickly for conversations between multiple people. Overall, P31S perfectly suits the iPad for iPad POS stand applications.



  • Support iPad 2 / 3rd / 4th and iPad Air
  • Camera open/Home closed (pin access)
  • Pivot Hinge - Rotatable for Landscape or Portrait
  • Viewing angle 30° / Tube Height 125mm
  • Swivel Base (0~330°,height:34mm);
    mount underneath; suggest use for desktop


Dimension / Weight :
Enclosure 312 x 232 x 30mm/750g
Tube 31 (12cm/200g)
Hinge/Mount : Φ95xH33mm @150g ( A / P / T / S )


Swivel Base / mount underneath

Suitable for shelf/table's
thickness less than 20mm (3/4")


Face plate options:

YKP01 - Front home blocked
Home button could be blocked optional

YKP02 - Front-exposed
Optimum screen opening to support most of 9.7" Tablet; Home button exposed; Camera exposed

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