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Enclosure with Flex Arm YKP01-FN2A


Tablet / iPad Enclosure with Flex Arm Desktop Stand or Wall Mount

Enclosure installed with Flex Arm as Mount on Top desktop stand or Wall Mount for iPad / 10” Tablet. Flex Arm allows for 180° motion


  • Restaurant Kiosk, self-service, POS
  • Store Display device
  • Events Display device


  • Protect the iPad with security lock
  • Cable routing inside
  • Support iPad 9.7", 10.5", iPad Pro 11"
  • Faceplate : Camera and Home button exposed
  • Mount for Landscape or Portrait viewing
  • Option for Medical application, plastic case & rubber hose with antibacterial material.


  • Enclosure: ABS / 312 x 232 x 30mm / 750g
  • Faceplate: Sheet Metal / Home button and Camera Exposed
  • Flex Arm : Metal, Die-Casting / H:225mm / 780g
    (The length of arm can be customized)
  • Color: White / Black / customized color
  • Retailer Packing or Bulk Packing
  • User have to integrate Enclosure, Flex Arm with the screw kits


Face plate options:

YKP01 - Front home blocked
Home button could be blocked optional

YKP02 - Front-exposed
Optimum screen opening to support most of 9.7” Tablet; Home button exposed; Camera exposed

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