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Yeong Yang launched into its own PC chassis business in 1990 and now it manufactures and distributes
full-range PC chassis to worldwide. With excellent mechanical engineering and front panel design,
plus high quality production and supreme after sale services, Yeong Yang has won customers' satisfaction.

The company is recognized as a professional computer chassis manufacturer with highly talented R&D,
state-of-the-art facilities, quality driven by manufacturing, a flexible marketing strategy, reliable products and collaborated partners such as Intel. Based on our metal and plastic know-how experience,
Yeong Yang aims to be a "configuration solution provider".

As Tablet devices are moving to be personal productivity tools, Yeong Yang launched another new product line - Tablet Accessories in 2011. The series products not only focus on consumer use, but also focus on commercial use. Therefore, the company becomes a solution provider in the Tablet Accessories of Mounts, Stand and Waterproof solution.